Tactical (adj.): adroit in planning or strategy to accomplish a purpose; prudent

At TactEcol our focus is on strategic and innovative solutions to project needs wherever such opportunities exist. Within the context of rigorous ecological assessment that is imperative to meet legislative and conservation obligations, there are often multiple ways to skin a (feral) cat. Is there an innovative survey approach or technique that may reduce field time, or increase accuracy? Are there ways to effectively mitigate a project’s impacts from the outset that improve ecological outcomes or reduce survey requirements? What project design or mitigation elements are crucial to avoid potential impacts, and which ones are experimental in nature or ineffective in conserving ecological values? At TactEcol we strive to enhance our clients’ understanding of the principal ecological issues inherent in a project and to address these issues in a strategic and effective manner, for the ultimate dual goal of efficiently navigating the regulatory framework whilst realising an actual improvement in outcomes for the natural environment.